8th International Conference on Tests & Proofs

July 24 - July 25, 2014, York, UK







ECMFA Keynote by Darren Buttle

      Keynote by Ross Smith


Bernhard K. Aichernig, Jakob Auer, Elisabeth Joebstl, Robert Korosec, Willibald Krenn, Rupert Schlick, Birgit Vera Schmidt.
Model-Based Mutation Testing of an Industrial Measurement Device

Melanie Diepenbeck, Ulrich Kühne, Mathias Soeken and Rolf Drechsler.
Behaviour Driven Development for Tests and Verification


Paolo Arcaini, Angelo Gargantini and Elvinia Riccobene.
An Abstraction Technique for Testing Decomposable Systems by Model Checking

Frank Hilken, Philipp Niemann, Martin Gogolla and Robert Wille.
Filmstripping and Unrolling: A Comparison of Verification Approaches for UML and OCL Behavioral Models


Guillaume Petiot, Nikolai Kosmatov, Alain Giorgetti and Jacques Julliand.
How Test Generation Helps Software Specification and Deductive Verification (Short Paper)

Sebastien Bardin, Omar Chebaro, Mickael Delahaye and Nikolai Kosmatov.
An All-in-one Toolkit for Automated White-Box Testing (Short Paper)


Alexander Kampmann, Juan Galeotti and Andreas Zeller.
Test Execution for Faster Bounded Verification (Short Paper)

Nikolai Kosmatov, Matthieu Lemerre and Céline Alec.
A Case Study on Verification of a Cloud Hypervisor by Proof and Structural Testing (Short Paper)



Ali Jannesari, Nico Koprowski, Jochen Schimmel and Felix Wolf.
Generating Classified Parallel Unit Tests

Nada Amin, Rustan Leino and Tiark Rompf.
Computing with an SMT solver


Kari Kähkönen and Keijo Heljanko.
Lightweight State Capturing for Automated Testing of Multithreaded Programs

Margus Veanes.
Symbolic Automata (Invited Tutorial)


Felix Kurth, Sibylle Schupp and Stephan Weißleder.
Generating Test Data from a UML Activity using the AMPL Interface for Constraint Solvers



Johannes Kanig, Rod Chapman, Cyrille Comar, Jerome Guitton, Yannick Moy, Emyr Rees.
Explicit Assumptions - A Prenup for Marrying Static and Dynamic Program Verification

Martin Hentschel, Reiner Hähnle and Richard Bubel.
Visualizing Unbounded Symbolic Execution


Sebastian Gabmeyer.
Quality Assurance in MBE Back and Forth(Tutorial)

Nikolai Kosmatov and Julien Signoles.
Runtime Assertion Checking and its Combinations with Static and Dynamic Analyses(Tutorial)