8th International Conference on Tests & Proofs

July 24 - July 25, 2014, York, UK

Accepted Papers

  • Martin Hentschel, Reiner Hähnle and Richard Bubel. Visualizing Unbounded Symbolic Execution
  • Guillaume Petiot, Nikolai Kosmatov, Alain Giorgetti and Jacques Julliand. How Test Generation Helps Software Specification and Deductive Verification
  • Kari Kähkönen and Keijo Heljanko. Lightweight State Capturing for Automated Testing of Multithreaded Programs
  • Paolo Arcaini, Angelo Gargantini and Elvinia Riccobene. An Abstraction Technique for Testing Decomposable Systems by Model Checking
  • Nada Amin, Rustan Leino and Tiark Rompf. Computing with an SMT solver
  • Felix Kurth, Sibylle Schupp and Stephan Weißleder. Generating Test Data from a UML Activity using the AMPL Interface for Constraint Solvers
  • Ali Jannesari, Nico Koprowski, Jochen Schimmel and Felix Wolf. Generating Classified Parallel Unit Tests
  • Sebastian Gabmeyer. Quality Assurance in MBE Back and Forth (Tutorial)
  • Melanie Diepenbeck, Ulrich Kühne, Mathias Soeken and Rolf Drechsler. Behaviour Driven Development for Tests and Verification
  • Sebastien Bardin, Omar Chebaro, Mickael Delahaye and Nikolai Kosmatov. An All-in-one Toolkit for Automated White-Box Testing
  • Nikolai Kosmatov and Julien Signoles. Runtime Assertion Checking and its Combinations with Static and Dynamic Analyses (Tutorial)
  • Johannes Kanig, Rod Chapman, Cyrille Comar, Jerome Guitton, Yannick Moy and Emyr Rees. Explicit Assumptions - A Prenup for Marrying Static and Dynamic Program Verification
  • Frank Hilken, Philipp Niemann, Martin Gogolla and Robert Wille. Filmstripping and Unrolling: A Comparison of Verification Approaches for UML and OCL Behavioral Models
  • Nikolai Kosmatov, Matthieu Lemerre and Céline Alec. A Case Study on Verification of a Cloud Hypervisor by Proof and Structural Testing
  • Bernhard K. Aichernig, Jakob Auer, Elisabeth Joebstl, Robert Korosec, Willibald Krenn, Rupert Schlick and Birgit Vera Schmidt. Model-Based Mutation Testing of an Industrial Measurement Device